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Posts published in سپتامبر 2017

Thoughts on the New iOS 11 App Store and More – The TouchArcade Show #325

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This week's podcast is a bit abnormal, as Jared is currently on vacation celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife. To still have a podcast for the week, we recorded early in the day on Wednesday, which was actually before most of the new games came out this week. We shift gears and instead spend a lot of time discussing the new iOS 11 App Store, as we've been using it for a little over a week now to do our jobs and have both great and not so great things to say about it. We also discuss some of the bigger news stories from earlier in the week as well. (بیشتر…)

iOS 11, iPhone 8, and a Mega-Week of Game Releases – The TouchArcade Show #324

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This has been a crazy week for us between the release of iOS 11, new iPhones, AR Kit, and so much other stuff that this podcast just blows by with us discussing all these things. iOS 11 is a huge boon for the iPad, we're not super-sure on AR Kit, and it was really curious hearing from my UPS driver that there wasn't a ton of of iPhones that they even delivered today. This week has been exhausting, so come unwind with The TouchArcade Show. (بیشتر…)

مقایسۀ وزن، اندازه و عمر باتری: آیفون X ، آیفون ۸ و ۷

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امسال اَپل به جای اینکه فقط یک گوشی جدید در دو اندازه متفاوت معرفی کند، با معرفی یک آیفون کاملاً جدید (آیفون X) با صفحۀ OLED، لبه به لبه به اندازه ۸ .۵ اینچ، در کنار مدلهای معمول ۷ .۴ و ۵ .۵ اینچیاش، تحولی بزرگ ایجاد کرد. آیفون X با صفحه نمایش Super Retina […] (بیشتر…)

How to Work From Home

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Working remotely has become an increasingly easy and breathlessly viable option for many employees.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Keynote – The TouchArcade Show #323

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We briefly go over some of the news stories of the week, then spend nearly an hour talking about everything from this week's keynote. It's really sort of interesting how Apple seemed to split their device lineup this time around, with all of the phone feeling like they're equally good, provided you're not hunting for the lost 128GB iPhones. Whether you preordered an iPhone 8, or are waiting for an iPhone X, you're in for a great device. All that and more, on this week's TouchArcade show. (بیشتر…)